Meet the Manager

Judy has been an employee of Harbors View Marina since 1998, and General Manager since 2001. Judy was raised on a farm near the very small community of Kerrick Texas. When it came time for her to college, she wanted to move to a city. She settled on The University of California at Sacramento where she graduated with a BS degree in Business. She made her way to the Duck Creek Fireworks show and ended up making Grand Lake her home. Not only does she love the lake lifestyle, the rural location of Grand Lake in northeast Oklahoma affords her the luxury of having her own farm just minutes away from the marina.

Judy is not only the General Manager of Harbors View Marina, and a farmer, she is President of the Oklahoma Marina Association, Treasurer for the South Grand Lake area Chamber of Commerce, and finally, a board member of CEMSA (the local ambulance and emergency services association). She is well known in the community and has a certain charm and openness that makes Harbors View the special place that it is.

Judy Florida | General Manager

Phone: (918) 782.3277